Let me play!

Start: 2015/05/04
End: 2015/06/04

Game made for the “One Game A Month” Jam.

Imagine a normal day. It is 8 pm in the evening and your parents send you to bed. Of course you are not sleepy! It is very early!

A bit frustrated, you start to think about things to do and wonder what it is that could keep you entertained. You look at the bedside table only to find your portable console with a ships game plugged in, ready to start to play.

Your parents are staying awake so you must be very careful to not do a lot of noise while playing the game or they will take the console away, leaving you grounded for the rest of the week. You must be quick!

If your parents come to see what are you doing, hide the console! Try to end the game without getting caught!



Game2 Game3 Game4

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