Flying through September

Hello everyone!

We’re still here. It’s September and time still continues its unavoidable advance. So, this covers almost there is to explain about the title. The only thing that remains is that “flying” part.

Let me explain that very clearly:


Yes!, although it’s a bit simplified because we’ve marked a 1 month deadline for this one.

So, it’s basically a battle between a huge mothership and a small and quick fighter pod. And the objective is to stop the huge mothership from destroying the only town in the map. This is going to be complicated because the difference in scale is a big factor in the game. You’ll be able to fly through some parts of the gigantic enemy unit while dodging the bullet from its defensive turrets.

We just got the design together and we already have the concepts finished. We’re slowly entering the prototyping and modelling phase. For now this is all we have. But since this project is fairly simple we might be able to post more thing in the blog.

Meanwhile, we’re also putting some work in our last project. Just adding sound and visual effects. We’ll be posting the link to the download page as soon as we update the project!

And this wraps up everything that’s going on with us. We REALLY want to share more about our spaceship project, but for now, we need to have something playable. So, please understand.

See ya everyone!


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