Tavern fights never end well for the waiter

There’s always a scene like this one in all the 80’s action movies. A bunch of people get in a bar looking for trouble. The hero is drinking dry whiskey near the waiter, whose cleaning glasses velocity just dropped to a glass per hour.

The group of troublemakers start looking for a fight, until the hero give them what they want: a big old hollywood beating.

That’s what we wanted to communicate with our A Game By It’s Cover entry: Too Many Hot Dog Heroes. 

And we failed.

We did not have the game in a playable state for the deadline. We submitted the entry, but letting everyone know that the game was unfinished. Although most of the art was done (without any iterations whatsoever) most of it is not implemented in the release, or it is very difficult to access. This goes mainly for the VFX and the chained combos.

Also we got lots of problems in the input and collision detection side of things. Since this was going to be a beat’em up based on boss battles, we needed to get this done as early as possible. And it ended up being done too late into the scheduled development.

This may very well be the most important problem we faced. The lack of invested time and/or the lack of organization. Even though the later seems less probable since we’ve been using, and abusing, trello from the very beginning.

It’s true that it’s been summer and that almost every member of the team has been disconnected for a week or two. But thinking all the problems were caused because of this, might be too condescending from our part.

But there were several big objectives we set for ourselves. The AI was quite a challenge for our programmers. And it turned out quite well in the end.  The very starting point of making a beat’em up was a big shot. And we’ve learnt A TON by doing it. Timing, hitboxes, cameras and readable VFX.

And this was just the tip of the iceberg.

In the end, we may have designed too much for a two month project. Maybe we could have worked harder every week. Maybe we could have dealt with more problems earlier.

But we didn’t. That’s what we’ve done. And we will move on from this one with everything that we’ve learnt in our backpacks. Which is no small feat.

For now, we’ll be making a little bit of house cleaning with the team. Wrapping up things here and there before we start our next project, which we’ll share more about in september.

See ya folks!


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