Hi there everyone!

Quick update on the development of our #AGBIC entry! We’re developing a beat’em up based on a cover that reads: “Too many Hot Dog Heroes” and that looks like this:


The design is done and closed and we’re making the base assets for the programmers to work on. We’re planning on having just one scenario where all the action happens and where the players must get rid of the enemies that want to throw them to a nasty pit.

We know how our character looks:



What it is fighting against:

HotDog Enemy


And how it used to look in an earlier stage:

PizzaProta Test 1PizzaProta Test 2









We even know how the 3D dummies are going to look like. This is because for this project we’re focusing our efforts in making a basic 3D fighting system that shows off some really cool looking animations.

But for now, this is what we have ready:

Hot Dog Pizza


That’s all for this really quick update on the project. We’re hard at work on this one because the schedule is really tight. Even considering it’s a two months project.

We’ll try to keep updating as soon as we have more things working. Until then, read you around šŸ™‚


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