Dark side of the moon was great


Pink Floyd. This disc is still famous for a lot of reasons. And relevant!

The cover is so iconic it’s been used and alluded to in many ways. Even in video games.

And here we are, ready for another jam were we must come up with a video game from a handful of covers that seem to come from the dark side of this moon.

If I wasn’t clear enough: We’re participating in the A Game By It’s Cover Game Jam 2015 edition. 

And we already have our cover selected and the game idea is already pitched and well into the design process.

For this jam, and because it’s a 2- month long jam, we’re trying to right all the wrongs (or at least most of them) that we made in the last one. Also, we’re trying to make something 3D this time around. So wish us luck!

We’ll try to update the blog more often now. And even update some of the format and “corporate” images in it.

But for now, keep in mind that we’re gonna make a game that’s gonna be like the prism in that Pink Floyd cover. We’re gonna bring colour back, baby.

Mark our words 😉



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