Let Me Play – Postmortem

It’s very hot these days in Barcelona. So hot you really need to stay out of the sun’s way and drink a lot of water. Or beer if you prefer. We obviously went with the latter because we wanted to celebrate that we submitted our game.

But celebration always comes with reflection on what you’ve done to deserves to be celebrated.

For us it meant figuring out the do’s and dont’s for the next project. That we already have all sorted out, thanks to the miracle power of beer, friends and a worrisome lack of self-control when it comes to all the video games we would like to make.

Anyway, the important bit of a postmortem should be the “what we learned” and all that stuff.

But that’s not our style, and we also kind of said that in our last post. So, for this postmortem we want to share with everyone what we wanted to do in this game, as well as stating what we want to investigate because of it.

First of all the “woah this is going to be great!” that turned out to be “guess this will be implemented in the sequel that’s never going to happen”.

If you played the game, you may have noticed that there’s a door and a window. Although the door seems to be the only place where something happens. We planned to have two different spaces in the screen were the Mom could appear. But! Because we ran out of time, we had to axe it.

We planned on doing it in the same vein that the Wario Ware stage “gamer” does it. But, again, time was a huge issue.


Sound and FX were also a BIG miss for us. We ended up not making custom particles and sounds. It could have been great but, HEY next time is going to be better, bigger, faster, strong…oh wait. Got sidetracked.


Time for the “this is so cool let’s find out why!” stuff. In the art department we wanted to practise more with vector art and flat styles, because the amount of time needed to make something that catches your eye is much less than we though.

Also almost all the team is a fan of the whole shmup genre, so we all want to make a super cool 2d shoot’em up. We really want to find out what the pacing of the genre is, and then bend it to our tastes. But for now we’ll just try to make the best traditional one we can make.

There’s way more things we’d want to write about this April 2015 entry of the One Game a Month initiative. But we’re already in pre-production phase for other projects that we hope we can talk about soon.

So, for the moment, enjoy “Let Me Play!” 😀


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