Ship it

You have a gift for a close friend that’s in another country? SHIP IT

You need to send an invitation for your wedding? SHIP IT

You’re wondering what a transformer say when they convert into a yacht? SHIP IT

We have a game in development and want to make more improvements, but there’s also the deadline in the corner.

What do we do? We frigging SHIP IT.

We know that in the last post we said we were gonna post more times. And we didn’t, and we’re sorry for that.

What we’ve done is more short meetings. Thanks to it the development has been quite smooth but these last days before the deadline are being a bit stressful. The game is mostly done though and even though we want to create more stuff of our own, like particle effects and music, we had to make some sacrifices to meet our schedule.

It also made us realise that we can be very efficient with more focus in our tasks and a clear and compact vision of the project.

What this project also brought light is the amount of time we can dedicate to these side projects.  We’ll have to learn how to manage it in the coming months. Because working during the day and transforming in the Videogame Vigilante Developers during the night leave us with little to no free time.

Well, maybe that’s not entirely true.

Anyway, we’ll go past these and find a solution that lets us continue with our projects and game jams. For now, we’ll just ship this “Let me Play” project inspired by the April’s theme “childhood” of the One Game a Month initiative.

We’ll post the link when everything is done 😀


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