Sitting on the roof

Usually chairs and tables are on the floor. Gravity’s very boring when it come to house and interior design.

And that’s why it is so difficult for people to change their perspective about everything they have to deal with in their daily routine.

We know that at BurntTongue. And that the reason why we force ourselves to change perspectives from time to time. That’s also the reason why we decided to take a break from our project and participate in a monthly jam: the April edition of the One Game a Month initiative!

This means that we’ll try to make a make in one month to help improve our skills and try to use our time in the most effective way in a tight schedule scenario.

So, the theme for this month’s Jam is Childhood. And after one or two brainstorming sessions we decided to make a game about playing as a kid and how our parents dealt with that.

In other words, we’re making a game about playing videogames late at night without your parents noticing it.

For this project we wanted to be more focused and compact in each and every aspect of video game development. From the design to the art, code and production schedule. We’re doing our best to stay focused and compact, and deliver a prototype in about a week.

We’ll also be updating the blog more frequently since this project wont last that long. As soon as we have more to share, we’ll do it. So keep checking out the page 😉

See ya!



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