A matter of life and death

An example of a catastrophe we might have in our game

During our last meeting we were deciding how our innocent people are going to die during the game.
They will be involved in a catastrophe and will have to escape fast to save their lives, but some hazards will be on their way to escape. That is where the “everyday heroes” will be important, they will prevent the rest of the people to get hurt by those dangers. So, in case they cannot avoid the hazards, how are going to calculate their remaining life? Surprisingly, neither of us had the same idea of how it should be done.

An example of a catastrophe that me might have in our game

As long as a runner is affected by anything harmful, its life will decrease. At first we started talking about life points, as more dangers is suffering the character, more points loses each cycle. The problem with life points is the need of regenerating them when people are in a safe place, making it very difficult for the player keep in mind all the information about its runners and their remaining life.

June floods Yorkshire canoes
Having fun during a flooding!

The second option was time, a certain time under the influence of some danger, causes the death of the  character. There are no points to regain and the player only has to take into account how long their runners have been harmed. This option makes the combination of different hazards quite interesting, as the runner can accumulate them independently. It means that if a character is choking and then starts bleeding, he will die when the time of choking reaches 0, unaffected by the bleeding.

That is what we have decided so far, we have not implemented or tested yet, but it was really interesting to discuss something where we all had our ideas about it and each one with its pos and cons. And, of course, talk about destruction and death in a bar, with people around, is always a different way to spend an evening.


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