Remembering our childhood

If you were a child during the 90s decade, there is a game everyone remembers: Lemmings. Here you have a picture of what a real-life lemming is, but for most of us lemmings are those tiny creatures with green hair that simply fall from a trap door. Where do they come from? lemmingRealWe don’t care, we only know we have to save as many as possible as they are stupid enough not to stop walking before falling off a precipice.

To save the lemmings sometimes it was necessary to provide a specific ability to all of them so they could be saved, but there were other situations when an individual risked its live for the greater good. We all have in mind the blockers that had to be exploded at the end of the level, heroic, but sad indeed.

lemmings3Based in this idea of a puzzle-strategy game we started our project. We want to create a game where normal people become a hero for a moment, in which the player’s actions on a few individuals can decide the fate of the whole group.

The charm of lemmings is the combination of both puzzle and action, and that is exactly the spirit we want to keep for our game, make the player think of fast solutions to the problems he is facing and actually see the immediate consequences of it’s choices. Although it is said that Lemmings was the predecessor of the modern RTS video games and it is one of the most ported games, for us it is just one of the first games we spent innumerable hours with.


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