Flying through September

Hello everyone!

We’re still here. It’s September and time still continues its unavoidable advance. So, this covers almost there is to explain about the title. The only thing that remains is that “flying” part.

Let me explain that very clearly:


Yes!, although it’s a bit simplified because we’ve marked a 1 month deadline for this one.

So, it’s basically a battle between a huge mothership and a small and quick fighter pod. And the objective is to stop the huge mothership from destroying the only town in the map. This is going to be complicated because the difference in scale is a big factor in the game. You’ll be able to fly through some parts of the gigantic enemy unit while dodging the bullet from its defensive turrets.

We just got the design together and we already have the concepts finished. We’re slowly entering the prototyping and modelling phase. For now this is all we have. But since this project is fairly simple we might be able to post more thing in the blog.

Meanwhile, we’re also putting some work in our last project. Just adding sound and visual effects. We’ll be posting the link to the download page as soon as we update the project!

And this wraps up everything that’s going on with us. We REALLY want to share more about our spaceship project, but for now, we need to have something playable. So, please understand.

See ya everyone!


Tavern fights never end well for the waiter

There’s always a scene like this one in all the 80’s action movies. A bunch of people get in a bar looking for trouble. The hero is drinking dry whiskey near the waiter, whose cleaning glasses velocity just dropped to a glass per hour.

The group of troublemakers start looking for a fight, until the hero give them what they want: a big old hollywood beating.

That’s what we wanted to communicate with our A Game By It’s Cover entry: Too Many Hot Dog Heroes. 

And we failed.

We did not have the game in a playable state for the deadline. We submitted the entry, but letting everyone know that the game was unfinished. Although most of the art was done (without any iterations whatsoever) most of it is not implemented in the release, or it is very difficult to access. This goes mainly for the VFX and the chained combos.

Also we got lots of problems in the input and collision detection side of things. Since this was going to be a beat’em up based on boss battles, we needed to get this done as early as possible. And it ended up being done too late into the scheduled development.

This may very well be the most important problem we faced. The lack of invested time and/or the lack of organization. Even though the later seems less probable since we’ve been using, and abusing, trello from the very beginning.

It’s true that it’s been summer and that almost every member of the team has been disconnected for a week or two. But thinking all the problems were caused because of this, might be too condescending from our part.

But there were several big objectives we set for ourselves. The AI was quite a challenge for our programmers. And it turned out quite well in the end.  The very starting point of making a beat’em up was a big shot. And we’ve learnt A TON by doing it. Timing, hitboxes, cameras and readable VFX.

And this was just the tip of the iceberg.

In the end, we may have designed too much for a two month project. Maybe we could have worked harder every week. Maybe we could have dealt with more problems earlier.

But we didn’t. That’s what we’ve done. And we will move on from this one with everything that we’ve learnt in our backpacks. Which is no small feat.

For now, we’ll be making a little bit of house cleaning with the team. Wrapping up things here and there before we start our next project, which we’ll share more about in september.

See ya folks!


Hi there everyone!

Quick update on the development of our #AGBIC entry! We’re developing a beat’em up based on a cover that reads: “Too many Hot Dog Heroes” and that looks like this:


The design is done and closed and we’re making the base assets for the programmers to work on. We’re planning on having just one scenario where all the action happens and where the players must get rid of the enemies that want to throw them to a nasty pit.

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Dark side of the moon was great


Pink Floyd. This disc is still famous for a lot of reasons. And relevant!

The cover is so iconic it’s been used and alluded to in many ways. Even in video games.

And here we are, ready for another jam were we must come up with a video game from a handful of covers that seem to come from the dark side of this moon.

If I wasn’t clear enough: We’re participating in the A Game By It’s Cover Game Jam 2015 edition. 

And we already have our cover selected and the game idea is already pitched and well into the design process.

For this jam, and because it’s a 2- month long jam, we’re trying to right all the wrongs (or at least most of them) that we made in the last one. Also, we’re trying to make something 3D this time around. So wish us luck!

We’ll try to update the blog more often now. And even update some of the format and “corporate” images in it.

But for now, keep in mind that we’re gonna make a game that’s gonna be like the prism in that Pink Floyd cover. We’re gonna bring colour back, baby.

Mark our words 😉


Let Me Play – Postmortem

It’s very hot these days in Barcelona. So hot you really need to stay out of the sun’s way and drink a lot of water. Or beer if you prefer. We obviously went with the latter because we wanted to celebrate that we submitted our game.

But celebration always comes with reflection on what you’ve done to deserves to be celebrated.

For us it meant figuring out the do’s and dont’s for the next project. That we already have all sorted out, thanks to the miracle power of beer, friends and a worrisome lack of self-control when it comes to all the video games we would like to make.

Anyway, the important bit of a postmortem should be the “what we learned” and all that stuff.

But that’s not our style, and we also kind of said that in our last post. So, for this postmortem we want to share with everyone what we wanted to do in this game, as well as stating what we want to investigate because of it.

First of all the “woah this is going to be great!” that turned out to be “guess this will be implemented in the sequel that’s never going to happen”.

If you played the game, you may have noticed that there’s a door and a window. Although the door seems to be the only place where something happens. We planned to have two different spaces in the screen were the Mom could appear. But! Because we ran out of time, we had to axe it.

We planned on doing it in the same vein that the Wario Ware stage “gamer” does it. But, again, time was a huge issue.


Sound and FX were also a BIG miss for us. We ended up not making custom particles and sounds. It could have been great but, HEY next time is going to be better, bigger, faster, strong…oh wait. Got sidetracked.


Time for the “this is so cool let’s find out why!” stuff. In the art department we wanted to practise more with vector art and flat styles, because the amount of time needed to make something that catches your eye is much less than we though.

Also almost all the team is a fan of the whole shmup genre, so we all want to make a super cool 2d shoot’em up. We really want to find out what the pacing of the genre is, and then bend it to our tastes. But for now we’ll just try to make the best traditional one we can make.

There’s way more things we’d want to write about this April 2015 entry of the One Game a Month initiative. But we’re already in pre-production phase for other projects that we hope we can talk about soon.

So, for the moment, enjoy “Let Me Play!” 😀

Ship it

You have a gift for a close friend that’s in another country? SHIP IT

You need to send an invitation for your wedding? SHIP IT

You’re wondering what a transformer say when they convert into a yacht? SHIP IT

We have a game in development and want to make more improvements, but there’s also the deadline in the corner.

What do we do? We frigging SHIP IT.

We know that in the last post we said we were gonna post more times. And we didn’t, and we’re sorry for that.

What we’ve done is more short meetings. Thanks to it the development has been quite smooth but these last days before the deadline are being a bit stressful. The game is mostly done though and even though we want to create more stuff of our own, like particle effects and music, we had to make some sacrifices to meet our schedule.

It also made us realise that we can be very efficient with more focus in our tasks and a clear and compact vision of the project.

What this project also brought light is the amount of time we can dedicate to these side projects.  We’ll have to learn how to manage it in the coming months. Because working during the day and transforming in the Videogame Vigilante Developers during the night leave us with little to no free time.

Well, maybe that’s not entirely true.

Anyway, we’ll go past these and find a solution that lets us continue with our projects and game jams. For now, we’ll just ship this “Let me Play” project inspired by the April’s theme “childhood” of the One Game a Month initiative.

We’ll post the link when everything is done 😀

Sitting on the roof

Usually chairs and tables are on the floor. Gravity’s very boring when it come to house and interior design.

And that’s why it is so difficult for people to change their perspective about everything they have to deal with in their daily routine.

We know that at BurntTongue. And that the reason why we force ourselves to change perspectives from time to time. That’s also the reason why we decided to take a break from our project and participate in a monthly jam: the April edition of the One Game a Month initiative!

This means that we’ll try to make a make in one month to help improve our skills and try to use our time in the most effective way in a tight schedule scenario.

So, the theme for this month’s Jam is Childhood. And after one or two brainstorming sessions we decided to make a game about playing as a kid and how our parents dealt with that.

In other words, we’re making a game about playing videogames late at night without your parents noticing it.

For this project we wanted to be more focused and compact in each and every aspect of video game development. From the design to the art, code and production schedule. We’re doing our best to stay focused and compact, and deliver a prototype in about a week.

We’ll also be updating the blog more frequently since this project wont last that long. As soon as we have more to share, we’ll do it. So keep checking out the page 😉

See ya!


A matter of life and death

An example of a catastrophe we might have in our game

During our last meeting we were deciding how our innocent people are going to die during the game.
They will be involved in a catastrophe and will have to escape fast to save their lives, but some hazards will be on their way to escape. That is where the “everyday heroes” will be important, they will prevent the rest of the people to get hurt by those dangers. So, in case they cannot avoid the hazards, how are going to calculate their remaining life? Surprisingly, neither of us had the same idea of how it should be done.

An example of a catastrophe that me might have in our game

As long as a runner is affected by anything harmful, its life will decrease. At first we started talking about life points, as more dangers is suffering the character, more points loses each cycle. The problem with life points is the need of regenerating them when people are in a safe place, making it very difficult for the player keep in mind all the information about its runners and their remaining life.

June floods Yorkshire canoes
Having fun during a flooding!

The second option was time, a certain time under the influence of some danger, causes the death of the  character. There are no points to regain and the player only has to take into account how long their runners have been harmed. This option makes the combination of different hazards quite interesting, as the runner can accumulate them independently. It means that if a character is choking and then starts bleeding, he will die when the time of choking reaches 0, unaffected by the bleeding.

That is what we have decided so far, we have not implemented or tested yet, but it was really interesting to discuss something where we all had our ideas about it and each one with its pos and cons. And, of course, talk about destruction and death in a bar, with people around, is always a different way to spend an evening.

Remembering our childhood

If you were a child during the 90s decade, there is a game everyone remembers: Lemmings. Here you have a picture of what a real-life lemming is, but for most of us lemmings are those tiny creatures with green hair that simply fall from a trap door. Where do they come from? lemmingRealWe don’t care, we only know we have to save as many as possible as they are stupid enough not to stop walking before falling off a precipice.

To save the lemmings sometimes it was necessary to provide a specific ability to all of them so they could be saved, but there were other situations when an individual risked its live for the greater good. We all have in mind the blockers that had to be exploded at the end of the level, heroic, but sad indeed.

lemmings3Based in this idea of a puzzle-strategy game we started our project. We want to create a game where normal people become a hero for a moment, in which the player’s actions on a few individuals can decide the fate of the whole group.

The charm of lemmings is the combination of both puzzle and action, and that is exactly the spirit we want to keep for our game, make the player think of fast solutions to the problems he is facing and actually see the immediate consequences of it’s choices. Although it is said that Lemmings was the predecessor of the modern RTS video games and it is one of the most ported games, for us it is just one of the first games we spent innumerable hours with.

Hello World!

Why burnt tongue? Why bravas? And more important, which is the relationship with video games? Try to meet some friends in a bar in Barcelona with beer on the table, bravas are not negotiable. And that’s exactly what we were doing when the burning potato attacked, there were no victims, but we got ourselves a name.

We are a team of newbies into the Video Games world, some professionals, some just amateurs but with the aim of doing games we’d like to play. Here we want to share our experience, ideas and the evolution of our projects. Discarded ideas, first tries and mainly anything that can be interesting about our games will be posted here, so keep an eye on us as news are coming soon!